35ft Reach Carbon Fibre Clamped Gutter Vacuum Pole Set

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  • Comprised of 45mm (1.80”) diameter carbon fibre vacuum poles 1.5m (5ft) in length and a 120 degree carbon fiber hook to access the gutter openings permitting servicing of gutters while standing safely on the ground. Carbon fibre poles provide the perfect balance of low weight and stable construction which minimises strain on the user even when working solo. Weighing less than 4.5kg (10 pounds), the solution is easily handled by both residential and commercial contractors
  • Typical homes of two stories require 20 feet to access the gutters. The additional extended reach is to address three storey housing and overhanging roof line and landscaping which preclude ready access. Each of the poles and the 120 degree hook feature a built in adjustable snap lock collar which ensures the poles stay safely connected when working overhead while applying leveraged force associated with the assembled length
  • The poles terminate at the base with a durable ABS collar designed to accept a standard 50mm (2″) vacuum hose collar. The collar has raised ribs to ensure the hose stays connected even as debris and moisture pass from the vacuum poles into the hose heading for collection in a wet-dry vacuum. Cen-Tec Systems recommends the use of 50mm hose and a wet-dry vacuum equipped with a 50mm inlet to ensure the airflow necessary that debris captured from the gutters is safely conveyed to the vacuum without the risk of blockage
  • To ensure durability, two aluminium extensions and one plastic crevice are included ideal for working with typical 50mm wide domestic and up to 100mm commercial gutter solutions. These same crevice tools are ideal for clearing heavier debris profiles which can accumulate near downspouts. These crevice tools are secured to the 120 degree hook using a flexible moulded rubber joiner permitting quick change overs from one of the selected crevice to another as circumstances warrant
  • Convenient durable Cordura carry bag is included to collect all of the poles and related components for safe storage and transport. A second zippered mesh bags allows for  the crevice and related accessories to be in turn packed away for easy identification and safe keeping

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The carbon fibre gutter cleaning kit is designed for periodic and efficient cleaning of collected debris and water from gutters up to three stories (30ft) using a wet-dry vacuum while standing comfortably and safely on the ground. The vacuum poles offer a balance of low weight and the stiffness necessary for working at heights, reaching up to 35 feet without the pole system flexing which can create a stability issue for the user. All components in the kit are designed to lock together using adjustable clamps built into the connections which assures against un-intended separation during use posing a safety hazard. The carbon fibre reach solution is manageable by both residential and commercial contractors even when working alone.  Cen-Tec Systems recommends the vacuum used with the 35ft kit provides 240-300 CFM airflow to ensure heavy or wet-debris captured will convey to the vacuum through the extended poles and connecting hose.


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