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Central Technology Systems (CTS) are the UK and European distributor for Cen-Tec Systems, Inc. and have over 40 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of domestic and commercial cleaning systems. Today, CTS provides high quality vacuum cleaners and vacuum accessories for domestic and commercial use.

Originally offering domestic hose and accessories to the central vacuum industry for OEM’s and the aftermarket, sales and repair; CTS have adapted to changes within the industry to offer a broader package of products to meet domestic and commercial demands, particularly with regards to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) for high level cleaning and dust extraction.

Within the remit as the UK and European distributor for Cen-Tec Systems; CTS can offer unique and ground-breaking products, inclusive of the Reach™ high level cleaning systems, Sidewinder commercial floor tools and dust extraction systems for source capture of debris. Our solutions are ideal for the commercial cleaner working with backpack, wet/dry, canister, high level and workshop vacuums.

Furthermore, CTS can have offer high quality, non-genuine alternative parts for your home vacuum. Whether this be hose, tools, accessories or tubes.

The products offered by CTS are ideal for the commercial cleaner to improve productivity beyond that of what they would achieve with the standard tools with common commercial vacuums, such as backpack and wet/dry vacuums. Productivity is essential to the commercial cleaner as time is money. The quicker a cleaner can finish a job, the sooner they can get on with the next. Our aim is to offer productive and effective tools.

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