Quick Click 3m Extension Hose and Accessories

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Designed in response to requests for a method to use the popular Quick Click dust collection hoses for general workshop or garage clean-up.  The 98812 provides a 32mm x 3m extension hose designed to engage the quick click hose in seconds using the same threaded collar and clip system. The hose is the same high quality hose as came with the Quick Click dust collection system; flexible with smooth interior to optimise airflow, and it is crushproof and durable. The extension hose combined with the Quick Click dust collection hose length expands the reach from vacuum to hose end by 3m.

  • 3m x 32mm extension hose features a 360 degree swivel curved end with air relief
  • Quick Click extension adaptor facilitates the connection between your existing Quick Click hose and this extension hose
  • Two plastic tubes added to the curved end allows the user to stand comfortably when using the 305mm wide natural fill floor brush to clean up floors around the garage or workshop
  • This kit also includes a small dusting brush, upholstery tool and crevice tool ideal for cleaning up around power tools, work stations, and bench tops
  • A mesh caddy bag holds and stores all of the accessories along with your Quick Click adapter in one place. The mesh allows one to quickly see the desired accessory making it easy to retrieve it for use