95182 – 38mm (1.50”) Conductive Commercial Vacuum Hose and Accessory Kit

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  • When used with a grounded vacuum, reduces the risk of static discharge, damage to sensitive electronics, and collection of fine particulate on both the exterior and interior surface of the hose or tools due to surface static electricity.
  • Includes a 305mm (12″) wheeled floor brush with conductive brushes, conductive body, and a 360 degree swivel conductive neck providing a path for dissipating any static build up as the floor tool moves over the cleaning surface.
  • Durable two piece chrome steel S-wand and a 3 metre commercial grade conductive vacuum hose with conductive end fittings providing a path from the floor tool through to a grounded vacuum system.
  • Conductive 38mm (1.50”) x 228mm (9”) crevice nozzle and a 38mm x 63.5mm (2.5″) dusting tool with conductive nylon fill and body which fit to the conductive hose cuffs for above the floor cleaning operations.
  • Helps protect users from nuisance shocks when vacuum in low humidity environments. Not intended to afford protection in explosion risk applications.

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Conductive ( static dissipative ) 38mm (1.50”) commercial vacuum accessory set intended for general purpose use in environments sensitive to static charge build up and nuisance discharge by affording a conductive path from the brush fill on the floor tool through to the conductive hose end that would engage a grounded vacuum. Includes a 305mm (12″) floor brush with nylon conductive brush fill, a chrome steel conductive s-wand that engages the 360 degree swivel neck of the tool, and a 3 metre conductive hose with conductive tips. A 228mm (9″) conductive crevice tool and a 63.5mm (2.5″) conductive dusting tool allow for above the floor cleaning. Suitability of purpose is to be determined by the customer based on requirements of the application. Not suggested in an explosive environment but rather as a solution for reducing or eliminating the risk of static discharge to the user, sensitive electronics, or the collection of fine particulate on the interior or exterior of the hose and nozzles due to static build up. Application suggested by the properties of this kit are laboratories, locations with sensitive electronics, clean rooms, low humidity environments, and other applications where static build up is not desired. Suitable for use with major brands of grounded commercial vacuums including Numatic, Atrix, Nilfisk, and Elsea.

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Weight 3500 g
Dimensions 82 × 27 × 19 cm


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